Hi, I'm Sophie and I am a videographer specialised in making content for artists, makers and small businesses. 
I began to make documentaries about artists and makers in 2018 after graduating from Falmouth University in Cornwall. Naturally when studying at Art School I was surrounded by all kinds of creators so that is where I began- making films for friends about their work and artistic practices and the spark hasn't faded since then.  
Shortly after graduating from Falmouth I moved to Brussels, Belgium where I did a 3 year stint working as a Set Dresser and then an Art Director on Belgian commercials and short films. During this time I developed an eye for detail and my interest in the space between art and film continued to grow.
Relocating back to the UK in December 2021 called for a re-group and it was during this move that I found clarity in continuing my work for artists and makers which continues to be my passion today.
Phone:          + 4 4   7 5 1 5   7 1 7   5 5 2
Email:                   s.d.may14@gmail.com
Instagram:                        @sssophiemay
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