Pencil & Mortar is a Videography practice operated by me, Sophie May.
I work with Artists and Makers to capture the processes behind their work, as well as documenting private views, finished pieces and work in situ as well as much much more.  
Capturing the space you work in and the way you create on video can be a great asset to have in these digital days for your website and Instagram. I would love to hear about what you specialise in and how we could work together!
So far I have worked with Artists, Furniture Makers and Restorers, Marble and Granite Specialists, Chefs, Knitwear and Clothes Designers to name a few!
Get in touch for a chat:
Phone:          + 4 4   7 5 1 5   7 1 7   5 5 2
Instagram:              @pencil_and_mortar
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